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Enterprise Cybersecurity

SOFT INTELLIGENT MACHINES (SIM) as a Technology (ICT) Solutions and Services provider aims to provide diversified but complementary technical solution to support business performances of forward looking companies. We are team of professionals and technical specialists from wide ranging backgrounds. We combine the capacity for promoting businesses, delivering services and building organizations as well as strengthening their systems and have sustained our reputation for improving organizational cultures And business outcomes.

Digital Infrastructure

Robust Digital infrastructure is essential for the next- gen enterprises – augmenting IT outcomes, ensuring engagement, and driving business efficiency. However, modern network services have to address several emerging challenges, such as: Data Centers and storages, Dynamic traffic patterns, Growing data volumes, Increasing bandwidth requirements, Disruptive technologies such as Cloud and IoT.

Advanced Networking

Modern enterprises are embracing digitalization as a business model for their network infrastructure, exploring innovative sources of revenue such as IoT, big data analytics, and M2M. The consequent increase in data volumes necessitates an overhaul of existing network infrastructure and the implementation of robust network applications services.


Virtualization is the process of creating a virtual version of a server or computer system using software rather than hardware. It enables multiple operating systems to run simultaneously on a single machine.